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3. We Pay You

For every management client that signs with us, we'll pay you a referral fee of 25% of one month's rent.


Why Partner with Us?

You Benefit & We Benefit. Win-win.

Never Lose a Client

When a house won't sell, many realtors write it off as a loss. Why not instead refer your clients to us? They'll make money in the meantime and you'll protect your future sales commission. 

Don't Take on Unnecessary Liability

The property management game isn't your domain, and that's okay! Don't try to offer advice on finding a great tenant or complying with local laws. Instead, let us take the reigns and provide expert advice.

You'll Receive a Written Contract

We understand, working with a new partner can feel nerve wracking. We provide a clear contract to each of our referral partners, outlining the terms and conditions of our agreement. 

Protect Your Reputation

Don't work with any old property manager who might drop the ball or make you look bad. By choosing Ashford PM, you're choosing to work with a team that understands the importance of professionalism. 

We'll Pay You!

For every client you refer to us, we'll pay you a referral fee. We pay 25% of one month's rent. 

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