Rental Qualifications



To apply:

  1. Review Rental Qualifications
  2. Submit an online application for each prospective tenant 18 or older
  3. Attach a copy of each applicant’s driver’s license or other state or federally issued I.D. and income verification to the online application or email to:
  4. Pay $30 application fee




The following qualification standards are provided as an overview of Ashford Property Management’s applicant requirements.


EQUAL AND FAIR HOUSING: Ashford Property Management does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, national origin or any other protected class.


  • Rental applications must be completed by each prospective tenant 18 years old or older along with a non-refundable application fee of $30.00. Each adult occupant that is not responsible for the rent must also submit completed rental application along with a nonrefundable Application Fee of $30.00.  All minors under 18 years old will be listed on the application and lease as occupants. Any omissions or falsifications may result in rejection of an application or termination of a lease.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.
  • A copy of a driver’s license or other state or federally issued I.D. will be required for identification prior to showing a home/condo and/or application processing.
  • We do not hold a property until the application is approved and the holding deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent) is received. Upon approval, applicants will be given the opportunity to submit a non-refundable holding deposit which will become the security deposit upon move-in. Typically, homes are not held longer than 14 days absent an availability date set by the management company.
  • Applications are processed in the order that they are received. Applications are accepted until a holding deposit has been placed on the property.

INCOME: Combined gross monthly income must be 3 times the amount of the monthly rent. Unverifiable income will not be considered.  The submission of a pay check stub with year to date information may be required.  Full-time students may require a co-signor.  Self-employed individuals must provide a copy of their previous year’s tax return and 6 months bank statement summary.

RENTAL HISTORY: Applicants should provide current verifiable rental history. An absence of a verifiable rental history may require a co-signor. An application will not be approved of if there is any outstanding balance owed to an apartment community, property management company or landlord.  Applicant(s) with eviction(s) within the 3 years will be denied.  Applicants with evictions over 3 years old will be required to provide a security deposit that is the equivalent of 2 months’ rent.  The following information will be verified: (a) length of residency; (b) consistency and timing of payments; (c) adherence to community policies; (d) if proper notice was given. Should you have a balance or fail to fulfill a lease contract with another community, you will need to provide a written statement from the rental management or mortgage company that the balance has been paid.  If rental is from an individual owner, applicant may be asked to provide copies of the Lease and rental receipts/canceled rent checks to verify timely payments.

CREDIT: All, otherwise qualified, applicants with the minimum credit score of 550 will have a Security Deposit requirement that is the equivalent of one month’s rent. If the applicant’s score is less than 550, than it is likely that a security deposit that is the equivalent of 2 months’ rent will be required – monthly installment plan available for amounts greater that the 1st month’s rent.  Co-signors are required to have good credit.

CO-SIGNORS:  To qualify, the co-signor’s credit must be in the 700 range with a verifiable income of at least eight times the rent.

PETS:  Pets must be disclosed in the application. A pet may be approved for certain properties after review, and with addition of a Pet Addendum to the Lease.  A non-refundable pet fee of $250 may be charged for each approved pet due at move-in. There is no pet fee for service animals or small caged pets. Any pet considered to be a violent breed such as Pit Bulls may be prohibited. Please note that a request for documentation from a veterinarian to confirm non-violent breed/history may be required.  No more than two 30 gallon fish tanks are permitted and may not be placed in rooms with wood floors.

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not permitted inside any house, apartment or condo.


  1. Evictions within 3 years of application,
  2. Unpaid debt to a management company or landlord,
  3. Open bankruptcies at time of application,
  4. Past due debt in excess of $4,500,
  5. Verifiable income requirement not met,
  6. A criminal record indicating that Applicant(s) was convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, and
  7. Any application omissions or falsifications.